I was born and raised in middle Tennessee, and still live and work here. I grew up in the a cappella Churches of Christ (from the Stone-Campbell movement) and continue to identify with them, both appreciating the tradition and challenging some of its attitudes, beliefs, and practices.

Several influences in my life convinced me to pursue Christian ministry as a career, and I threw all of my energy for years into that pursuit. After ten and a half years of doing so, cumulative experiences convinced me to pursue other work, a decision loaded with relief and pain, with uncertainty and hope.

Interest in science / faith relations grew within, and because of, my work in ministry. Numerous poor treatments of science in church settings hit close to home, in my home, and I sought better understanding and tools to help the church. If only good intentions could guarantee good results….

Marriage, parenting, family, work, education, and life have given me much to think about. This blog will express and channel some of those thoughts, as well as receive the thoughts of others.

On this note, and lastly, I welcome readers who do not share my beliefs, positions, or perspectives. I make no pretensions of knowing it all. What I do make is an effort to convey what I have learned, how I see the world, and, specifically, how I see science / faith relations. May the posts and discussions here contribute positively to your own efforts to understand what you think and why.

Areas of Interest and Study

  • Christian Bible
  • Christian Theology
  • Christian History
  • Science and Theology
  • German Christians during Nazi Germany


Doctor of Ministry Thesis: “Bringing Hidden Things to Light: Fossils and Faith in Tennessee.” (Online catalog record available here.)


“ ‘Written by the Finger of God Himself’: Fossils and Faith in the Work of William Buckland.” Pittsburgh Theological Journal (2016): 94-103.

“Fishapod in the Rocks: Fossils and Biblical Creation Texts.” Theology and Science 13, no. 4 (November 2015): 446-56.

“Singing and Making Melody in Your Brains: Where the Science, Theology, and Ministry of Music Meet in the Church.” Pittsburgh Theological Journal (2015): 33-45.



  • Adjunct Professor of Bible (2014-present)
  • Full-Time Preaching Minister (2012-2014)
  • Full-Time Associate Minister (2011-2012)
  • Full-Time Youth Minister (2006-2011)
  • Part-Time Youth Minister (2003-2005)
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