Proving That the Earth Is Flat

Believe it or not, some people in the United States believe that the earth is flat. A limousine driver and self-taught rocket builder in California is on a quest to prove it. I just read the story in a series of Washington Post articles spanning recent days. To view today’s article with the latest updates on the quest, click here.

I don’t have the time right now to chase this story too far, but, so far as I can tell from the three or four articles I’ve browsed, the man who plans to launch himself in his homemade rocket does not seem to be on his quest for religious reasons — or at least the articles do not mention his religious beliefs. If I were going to chase the story, I would look into the flat-Earth group that has given him recent support. Even if this society operates on the basis of religious beliefs, Mike Hughes (the rocket builder) may be allying himself with the group regardless of his own religious beliefs, or lack thereof.

It would be interesting to learn about Hughes’ motivations for proving that the earth is flat. He clearly thinks that the globe-Earth view is a conspiracy. At any rate, in case you thought everyone in your country believed in a spherical earth, I wanted to break the news to you. You and I are deceived, and horribly so.

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