Welcome to my blog. I am a Christian thinker who will be reflecting on faith, science, and life. My perspective draws on my lifetime spent in churches, on years when I worked as a minister, on years of academic study of the Christian faith, and on life experience itself. (Learn more at my Bio page.) I welcome readers of all kinds, and hope the posts and discussions here will promote quality thinking and greater understanding.

Science / faith relations are the impetus for this blog. My interest in science and faith came from within my experience as a Christian minister. Suffice it to say, I’ve experienced and studied many Christian treatments of science that are inadequate to the complexities involved. In my own way, and from my own perspective, I seek to make a positive contribution to these relations.

To the reader who is not Christian, welcome. To the reader who shares my commitment to Christian faith, welcome. To the reader who is a scientist, a science teacher, or an amateur naturalist, welcome. To the reader who is interested in topics of science and faith, faith itself, and explorations of life from one Christian’s perspective, welcome.

5 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Daniel, I appreciate the investment in time you will be making here. I respect your wisdom and perspective and look forward to being a regular reader.

  2. Daniel, congratulations. I’m looking forward to following you in these discussions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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